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Top 486 Pearle Vision Reviews (1)

Emilyn from Lake Forest, CAVerified Reviewer

Original review: February 10, 2023

Nanette from Mission Viejo helped me. She explained to me all the details of the different types of lenses and what my insurance covers and what discounts Pearle Vision offers. I acquired a very good knowledge before deciding on the best option. She was extremely helpful in choosing the right frame to fit my face. She was friendly, patient and accommodating.

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Top 486 Pearle Vision Reviews (2)

Alexander von Fair Lawn, New JerseyVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 22, 2022

In December 2021 I just ordered Leanes from store 556 Route 17 N. Paramus NJ. You have a fully manned order that lasts 1.5 months. I decided to then give a second chance and order again because I get a $25 off coupon. When the store manager came back for pickup, he refused to accept the coupon that I had already completed and told the seller Santino before I placed the order that I would like to use the $25 coupon. The ** was extremely rude, even need to know you have to accept the voucher but still argue with me. She even told me to call the police if I stayed in the store. Also, she said that in the future I will have to choose another store. I felt that this service is totally unacceptable and the company needs to train the store manager better.

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Wenda from Minneapolis, MinnesotaVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 15, 2022

I went to the Roseville Mn location. the dr was rude from the start. Then the girl who sent me my prescription for my glasses wrote it wrong and it took me over two months to get my glasses. The first three times they brought them back to the store they had to send them back to the lab because they were too big for the frames there. So after the third time they sent them to their secondary lab and when they got them back I realized the prescription was wrong so I had them send them back again and I called my health insurance and my insurance company called them and issued them reimburse me for the expenses I paid for the transitions I put on my glasses.

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Top 486 Pearle Vision Reviews (4)

Mark Indrek of Calgary, OtherVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 12, 2022

I took my own Oakley frame to Pearle Vision to have new prescription lenses fitted. 2 weeks later I received a call that my glasses were ready for collection and that final adjustments should be made. I called to arrange collection only to hear my glasses had been cleared and collected. (Not mine). I made 5 phone calls to get an explanation of what I was told, when finally the representative who manages my account told me that they have been trying to contact me for some time (not true). Told me my Oakley Holbrook RX OX8156 815601 broke in the lab and I need to buy a new pair for about $200. My insurance has already covered the cost of what I was told by Pearle Vision and then they were told they were fired to regret that the lab broke the frames. If I want the lenses I have to pay out of my own pocket as my insurance only covers new prescription glasses every 2 years. What now?

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Top 486 Pearle Vision Reviews (5)

Logan from Columbia, MOVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 8, 2022

Columbia MO location. Do not go to this non-corporate site (private own sites or others owned by them). Multiple HIPAA, ADA, and other violations (front half of store). Optometrist is good but should probably look elsewhere for sales/support staff. I would see him again. First problem: they refused to ask for help from a patient in front of me who had a disability. An American Disability Act Protected Event and Injury. It was stated to be a HIPAA violation. I informed the employees at the time of their misinterpretation of HIPAA and that they were in fact violating ADA. I ended up helping their patient because they wouldn't and she only needed help filling out the intake forms, which she couldn't do because of a tremor.

The first girl who helped me was very nice but added services and made us pay for it "because they weren't sure if the insurance would cover them or not". I will say the ophthalmologist was fantastic, provided excellent care, information and was very professional (very good ophthalmologist)! When looking for glasses they offered very little help/suggestions and I had to ask to see things behind several locked cupboards. While looking at glass, I heard another employee helping a patient. The member of staff spoke very 'INTENSIVE' and patronizing is the best way to describe it (not intentionally rude but aggressive).

That same employee then became our person, and while she gave a little more feedback on eyewear (than another employee who was too busy watching sports), I asked her a question about the coating they use on eyewear (since I'm a Had an issue with a specific coating on my last pair of glasses) and wanted to make sure they didn't use that coating. She didn't listen to my question and gave an answer to sell her product.

I requested a specific coating and they said they can't do that and the coating company doesn't allow it for my recipe type. I then pulled out the certificate of authenticity of that coating in my glasses case. She said: "I must have had a different vision problem as this is only offered for lenses that require a different correction. I kept trying to find answers to my original question and still encountered hostile language, saying, “I still don't think you had that.” “I don't know how else to explain it to you. I explained it in layman's language” (in response to something that wasn't my question in the first place).

My spouse was able to find a preferred pair of glasses, but after the leaven I felt bad and started reading reviews. The glasses selected were $485 more expensive than online for the same product. We can understand some price differences, but nearly $500 more is outrageous. I called to cancel the eyeglass order (within 19 hours of ordering, and informed management about the ADA issue I was observing and several other HIPAA violations. I was told, "She has to come by ten, but this doesn't mean anything and if she doesn't call back, please call back." (I think we found the cause of the problem!).

The manager refused to cancel our transaction stating "we have signs that all sales are complete". I then read her "Guarantee" to her (attached) RETURNS*. I then tried to explain: A refund can only be given after a purchase. According to the General Commercial Code, a purchase requires payment and exchange of goods. Since the exchange of goods did not take place, they are in breach of their contractual purchase obligations. So it is not a refund. It just gives the money back.

We will file "good faith complaints" for their violations with the relevant governments/authorities. Do not support any company that treats people with disabilities in this way or overpay them for poor customer service staff/management. Don't believe their review ratings. Many businesses buy 5-star reviews and their local website states a high Google rating but only has 2 reviews in "Quotes". Shady shady!!!

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Top 486 Pearle Vision Reviews (6)

Lavinia from Fort Lauderdale, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 26, 2022

Terrible experience. Damaged lenses due to cheap blue filter coating peeling off after 4 months of purchase. Pearle Vision now tells me that although I've bought lenses through them, they didn't make them - Cigna covers, in their words, a low-end product. I went to Pearle as they advertise Luxottica lenses, I was charged over $450 (lenses only, no frame, I brought my own as they didn't have a brand I liked) and paid $140 copay. I was never told that my lenses were not guaranteed as they were in fact not made by them but by VSP. Now I know better!

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Top 486 Pearle Vision Reviews (7)

Mamta from Eden Prairie, MinnesotaVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 11, 2022

The lady who helped at Pearle Vision to find the right glasses for my daughter was very helpful in finding the right glasses viewing the face. She made sure they weren't too big or too small. They also disinfected glasses after each customer use.

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Top 486 Pearle Vision Reviews (8)

Debbie from Aston, PAVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 21, 2022

You knowingly overcharged me for services and will not issue a refund. They tried to cover their actions with the Attorney General's Office by filing sloppy "backs" assuming that would do the trick. For months they have dodged the Attorney General's request for documentation to support their arguments. Because the Attorney General's office is limited and unable to take legal action, if there are enough people who have valid cases of fraudulent billing, the problem can escalate. My advice would be to compare your statement of benefits from your insurance company with what you were paying at the time of delivery. Demand Pearle Vision gives you a breakdown of the bundled package prices they charge you. Report Pearle Vision to your insurance company if they won't help you.

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Top 486 Pearle Vision Reviews (9)

Greg aus Brooklyn, New YorkVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 13, 2022

I suggest going here if you like getting your eyes checked in a dirty scruffy mess and want to ignore any necessary change requests. The people you are allowed to interact with have no power, and the people you are not allowed to interact with provide no assistance.

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Top 486 Pearle Vision Reviews (10)

Andy aus Freehold, New JerseyVerified Reviewer

Original review: April 24, 2022

Mugging on HWY 9. (Note number of rip offs). I went to Pearle with bifocals for a 99 year old WWII veteran who lives in a nearby nursing home down the road from Pearle. I explained to him that I needed to get his existing glasses fixed because the only way the owner of the glasses could get there was by ambulance, which was not possible. I asked if he could put the lenses back in (they had popped out). Barely looking at her, he said, "The glasses were cut too small, so they fell out. You would have to replace the glasses.” I asked him to use all parts that could be reused to keep the price as low as possible. I heard him ask his assistant to pull the $189.00 frames off the shelf. He laid them down and began calculating a final price of $389.00 for a pair of "heavy" frames, assuring me that that was my only option.

I decided to try another eye doctor who took a look, went to the back, came out with the lenses in the frame and said he must have fallen asleep with them, the bridge of the nose got bent and it changed the shape of the frames around the Lenses. It's okay now, and he twisted her like a pretzel to prove it. He said "no charge" and strictly refused a tip.

I sincerely hope there is a place in Hell reserved for parasites like the guy who owns or runs this Pearle Vision Center. Poor dr. Pearle needs to cartwheel in his grave with this guy running the show! *Also note how many (one star) "Rip Off" reviews are on Yelp alone, I'll be sharing this message all over social media!

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