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You just looked uppdfkaffee.comUse our scam detector's VLDTR tool to see if this site is legit. It has a medium rank of authority. Let's take a closer look at this business reviewpublicationmarket and what to do if you are already a victim of a scam.

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Our robust validation tool confidently awarded this rank thanks to a smart, best-in-class algorithm developed by our team of online fraud protection specialists. We explain why belowpdfkaffee.comYou got that verdict, but first make sure you're looking at the right company - as many people often mistype the search query.

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  • Creation date of the domain

    Wednesday, October 10, 2018 12:00 p.m

  • Website Popularity

    0 (bad)

  • Domain-Blacklist-Status

    Not detected by any blacklist engine

  • HTTPS connection

    Valid HTTPS found

  • Proximity to suspicious websites



Ifpdfkaffee.comis listed under a trendypublicationNiche we tried to extract an excerpt from their website:

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n A book is a series of sheets of paper, parchment, or similar material, held together with hinges on one side. A single leaf in a book is a leaf, and each page of a leaf is a page. Text or images can be printed or drawn on the pages of a document. An electronic image formatted to resemble a book on a computer screen, smartphone, or e-reader device is known as an electronic book or e-book

While the paragraph above may reasonpdfkaffee.com, there is a possibility that their activities will expand beyond that. However, if this is the site you were trying to find information on, we are happy to provide you with an unbiased review and rating.


The Scam Detector algorithm findspdfkaffee.comwith a mean relevant score of65,70. This means that the deal isLegit. Known. Checked.. Feel free to send your input in the comments section at the bottom of the page if you think this rating should be increased or decreased.

Our algorithm assigned the rank based on over 50 relevant factors, from the quality of customer service and public feedback to the technology used and domain authority.

Other elements include but are not limited to IP address, Tranco rank, modern technology used for their website, SSL certificate and presence or absence on suspicious website lists.

The details module at the top of this article includes items like domain creation date, website popularity, domain blacklist status, HTTPS connection, proximity to suspicious websites, threat profile, phishing profile, malware score, and spam score.

While the first 4 of them are self-explanatory, let's talk about the last five. "Proximity to suspicious websites" means that either through its servers, IP address or other online connectionspdfkaffee.comhas an association - in a range from 1 to 100 - to sites that have been flagged as suspicious. The higher the number, the closer it is to these controversial sites. Sometimes, the website owners are not even aware that their website is in close proximity to dubious websites since both of them might be hosted on a platform that is not particularly secure. However, if the Proximity Score for a suspicious website is very high (e.g. over 80), you can be sure that the website is definitely risky. If it's under 30, it's not that bad.

Referring to the Details section above, the values ​​listed under Threat Profile, Phishing Profile, Malware, and Spam are what you can imagine. These ratings are determined by the risk levels found within the site and its activity. Maybe the website contains malware and the owners don't know it (or don't know) and the virus could be transmitted, or the email address used for this business has been reported as spam.

In terms of score, numbers up to 30 are not extremely dangerous, while anything above could be considered a red flag.

Further information

Remember, even the best companies in the world have complaints or some dissatisfied customers (think the kind of people who give the most creative YouTube videos a thumbs down).

Despite this, we recommend that you continue to exercise caution when transacting transactionspdfkaffee.com. This review and website ranking are reliably generated based on the powerful factors at our disposal, however attention to detail and common sense are required.

For more information, see How to stay safe online.

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How would you rank?pdfkaffee.com?

Share your experiencespdfkaffee.comby using the box below, or leave a rating/comment in the section at the bottom of this article.

How to report a scammer

If you want to know how to report a scammer this year, whether they are in the same industry or notpdfkaffee.com, you can officially do it(FTC) Federal Trade Commission. You can also submit names of dubious companies or people in the comments section.

Removing Personal Information from the Internet: Here's How You Can Do It

Many suspicious companies collect your complete personal information without your knowledge. Data brokers create shadow profiles on you that contain a frightening amount of personal information. These insights are sold to third parties and then used by scammers and strangers.

A lot of you have been asking us about this latelyRemoval of Personal Data from the Internet. In this section we have good news. If you want your private data to be erased from the online world, please contactunknownat the moment. This legitimate privacy tool officially requires brokers to remove your data on your behalf. The chances of success are 100%.

You can commission the removalHERE. Incogni's services have been verified by our team and are trustworthy. At only $6.49/month, Incognito is the best investment you can make. US, UK, EU, Switzerland and Canada residents only. Click below.

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Are you the victim of any kind of scam?

We are here to help. If you've been a victim of some type of scam (e.g. credit card fraud, PayPal, WhatsApp, Facebook, eBay, even love scams, etc.) and you've already lost money, we might have good news. Over the years we've partnered with some powerful asset recovery companies and now we might look at your case to help fraud victims. Due to several inquiries please fill inTHIS FORMif you lost more than $1,000. We'd love to look at your story, so hopefully you get your money back. Fill out the form above.

How to Identify Fake Websites in 2023 Easily

Do you know how to spot a fake website? There are 5 characteristics that fraudulent websites usually exhibit. Watch the video below to see these 5 red flags giving them away:

TIP 1: How to stop third parties from tracking your devices

Finally, we have two other powerful fraud prevention tools you should know about. We've always been asked what the most effective ways to stay safe online are. After testing several fraud prevention products online, we can safely say that is the winnerSurfshark. Here's why you should get it now:

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  3. Surfshark has a super powerful antivirus. It offers you effective protection against viruses and zero-day threats, a sleek, clean and easy-to-use app, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  4. Check this out: They hide your online searches, which means you only get organic search results with no tracking and following ads. You know when you're looking for a flight, for example, and the next time you do the same search, the prices are higher? That doesn't happen with Surfshark.

Awesome right? Last but not least, Surfshark offers Scam Detector readers a 76% discount + two months free. You can get the dealHEREor by clicking below:

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TIP 2: How to protect your online browsing and avoid installing malware

The second most powerful tool to try is a browser extension calledI guard. It automatically blocks 100x more malicious websites than the competition and 10x more malicious downloads than any other security tool. It has been tried and tested by our team.

All the suspicious websites that Guardio blocks are mostly found when you click on unknown links in emails, social media, scams, pop-ups and ads.

Guardio has over 1 million users and is affordable (only a few dollars a month), it covers up to 5 family members or 5 different email addresses you have accounts with. For Scam Detector readers, Guardio is offering a 20% discount - get yours nowHEREor by clicking below:

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Must-Read Resources

For more information, see the following educational articles:

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So look for red flags

Here's another fraud prevention instructional video you won't want to miss:

Are you the owner ofpdfkaffee.com?

If you are the owner ofpdfkaffee.com, We'd love to hear from you. Please send us a message to info at scam-detector dot com. If you would like to contest this review and your site's rating here, we'd be more than happy to take a closer look. However, be prepared to provide us with solid proof of your business. That said, please introduce yourself first and be transparent. Consumers are smart. They don't trust sites that don't show transparency, such as B. the location of the company, team or other physical existence.

When domain owners contact us to contest the review, we typically ask them to provide the following details so they can be better considered when changing the review:

* Details from their ecosystem that would show you are 100% trustworthy (Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, Official Records showing the website or company name, not others).
* Your personal profile on LinkedIn and social media accounts for the company on Facebook.
* If this is the case, some screenshots/evidence of happy customers (no testimonials on their website), proof of stock, cancellation of orders upon request;

We would therefore like to update the rating immediately - the more evidence you provide, the higher the rank will be. Thank you very much.

NOTE: This website validator's ratings are for informational purposes only and are not intended as a basis for any financial or business decisions. See Terms of Use.

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