Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (2023)

When comparing PAYANYWERE VS Square, you can appear interchangeable, since both offer a free card reader and an app with point-of-sale tools (point-of-sale).; Square 2.6% plus 10 cents per transaction.

However, Square receives better reviews, offers better software and generally offers a better value than Payanyther, although small sellers with average sales of less than 20 US dollars will pay less in transaction fees by selecting Payywhere.

  • Payanywhere:Affordable option for small sellers who edit less than $ 5,000 per month with an average transaction value of less than $ 20.
  • Square:It is best for most small companies, individuals, seasonal or occasional sellers and those who want free online and Kos-POS systems.

Payanywhere VS Square Quick comparison

Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (1)
Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (2)

Our rating*

3.6 von 5

4.43 von 5

Best for

Small bidders who want low processing fees

New or small companies, stationary shops and shops with a small budget

monthly fee

$ 0

$ 0

Processing fee

2.69% to 3.49% plus 19 cents per transaction

2.6% plus 10 hundred bis 3.5% plus 15 Cent pro transaktion

Invoice fee

3,49% plus 19 Cent

2.9% plus 30 cents, 3.5% plus 15 cents if they are processed with the file with a card, or 1% for oh bank transmissions

Average payment speed

Free financing the next day; free financing on the same day (for smart terminal users)

Free 1 to 2-day financing; immediate financing for 1.5%

Inactivity fee

3.99 USD per month after 12 months of inactivity

$ 0

Online payment options

Virtual terminal, payment links and add to your native app

Add Square online shop, payment links, check out to an existing website, Facebook, Instagram and virtual terminal

POS functions

The simple telephone app is free.

Basic POS is free; advanced users from 60 per month

The integration


Several apps in 16 categories

user friendliness



Customer service

Telephone support, chat, e -mail, social media and resource library

Monday to Friday telephone support, 24/7 automated chat support, seller -community and resource library

Payanywhere Review

Quadratzlahlung test

*We have both Square and Payanyther in our evaluation ofBest dealer servicesWhere Square took the upper place. Payanywhere did it well, but did not make our final list.

When you use a traditional dealer account

A stationary shopkeeper may want to consider an account with a dealer instead of Square or Payanywhere in order to save the processing fees.Cheapest credit card processingPrices for small companies.

While the use of a payment app like Square or Payanywhere is simple and convenient, a traditional dealer account offers that is offered via a bank, such as chase payment solutions, more security and stability and faster deposit times.Can only work with companies that run monthly transactions at least over $ 5,000.

Why Square is best for most companies

Square extends via our list of best dealership services, the best mobile credit card processor and the best POS systems for small companies. It offers the best all -purpose payment and software solution for individuals, new companies and small companies.Companies advanced, from banking services to salary billing and offer custom solutions for large companies, including reduced interest rates for sales with a high volume, so it can grow with you.

It is free and effortless to use and does not require application or obligation.Guide to the squareTo learn more about the various product offers to see if it is suitable for your company.

See why Square so many of our reviews tops:

  • Best dealer services
  • Best mobile credit card processing
  • Best POS systems
  • Best mobile pos

Best for affordability: square

Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (3)
Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (4)

Monthly POS subscription

$ 0 bis $ 39.95 $

$ 0 to $ 299 with add-on programs

Prices for card reader

$ 59.95

$ 0 bis $ 49

Terminal and registration pricing

$ 249.95 to $ 949.95 plus furnishing fees and POS software subscriptions

299 bis 799 US-Dollar (All-Inclusive)

Card-presented transaction fees


2,6% plus 10 Cent

E -Commerce transaction fees

3,49% plus 19 Cent

2,9% plus 30 Cent

Oh -transaction fees

3,49% plus 19 Cent

1% processing fee, at least 1 **

Subjecting fees

Non -unexpected

Foregone up to 250 US dollars per month

*Oh payments only available via square bills.

Find out more about the costs of Square in our detailedGuide for square fees and pricing.

(Video) Square vs Shopify vs Payanywhere vs PayPal Here vs Intuit GoPayment 2023 🔶 E-CASH S2•E38

The processing fees are similar, but if you need more hardware than a simple card reader, the square is by far the cheaper option. The terminals are well looked at by users and are equipped with the software free of charge. Payanywhere calculates a subscription fee on its devices andHas an inactivity fee of $ 3.99 per month (after 12 months) if you set the app without canceling your subscription.

If Payanywhere could be more affordable

The processing fee of Payanywhere of 2.69% seems higher than 2.6% of Square plus a 10-cent transaction fee. For most companies it is.B. cafés that sell cups of coffee would be higher than the additional fees of 0.09% per transaction of Payanyther.

Best for payment processing: square

Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (5)
Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (6)

Best for

Seller with low volume with average sales under $ 20

Most individuals and small companies

High volume discounts

She moves to his dealer account, which is a different contract

Discounted prices for dealers who process over 250,000 US dollars for annual credit card sales

Payment options

Credit card, debit card and contactless payments

Credit card, debit card, contactless payments, gift cards and oh


Simple, recurring and Autopay

Simple, recurring and Autopay

Virtual terminal



Map on the file



PCI compliance with the payment card industry (PCI)



Our scores for Payanyther and Square in other articles make Square a clear winner. Square and Payanywhere offer flat and transparent prices for new and small retailers.Price model uses. In general, we do not recommend a graded price models for small companies because they can be unpredictable.Find out more about Payanywhere prices and plan options.

Codes payments for quick response (QR) are now a popular personal payment option that you can find in almost any mobile payment app.Payanywhere has introduced QR code paymentsOn its platform in September last year, while Square has been available since the early days of Covid 19 pandemic.

In the meantime, Square does not offer a graded pricing. However, it offers customer -specific discount rates for companies that process over 250,000 USD.Best dealer services for small companiesTo find the right payment solution for you.

Are you looking for a simple mobile payment method?Both square and Payanyther (Recently added function) Offer text-to-play payment methods. In this way, you can send payment requests directly to your customer's mobile device via text messages.

Best for Pos -app: square

Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (7)
Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (8)

Best for

Small and medium -sized companies (KMBS) with low -price transactions

Startups, seasonal companies, solopreneurs, budget -oriented small companies; custom solutions for large companies

Industry -specific software options

An all-purpose pos with two topics "Terminal" and "Retail"

All-purpose, retail, restaurants and appointments, CBD retail trade

POS functions

Basic register, inventory, customer management, employee management; free of charge for telephone; monthly subscription if you use hardware

Free basic register, inventory, customer management, employee management; plans include advanced functions, and add-on programs add further functions

Checkout functions

Split offer, open tabs, discounts, tips, digital receipts and reimbursements

Split offer, open tabs, discounts, tips, digital receipts, reimbursements, withdrawal protection; simplified cash register for consumers with cash app

Product catalog

Elements, categories, modifiers, discounts, low -shares -warnings, barcode -scan, telephone -Barcode -Scan, reports, reports

Variations, photos, inventory management, warning messages with low marquee, report, barcode scanning

Customer management

Customer information and purchase tracking

Customer information and tracking, loyalty functions, marketing

Employee management

Time clock, planning, working forecasts, employee functions in the event of permissions and persecution of sales by employees

Time clock, permission, can add the Square salary statement and team management

The integration

QuickBooks and HomeBase; you need the application programming interface (API) for others

Hundreds of apps in 16 categories

Square is the clear winner when it comes to sales functions and functions. During Payanywhere, the basics for personal and online transactions offer much more online sales and customer management functions.

Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (9)

(Video) The 7 Best Credit Card Readers For Small Business

Square offers some of the best POS systems for small companies. (Source: square)

Square is a recognized seller for both in the shop and for online. The free POS system is powerful enough for busy retailers and restaurants, but simply enough for the hobbyist who only sells a few articles on the farmers' market. In 2019 it opened itIts services for cannabidiol (CBD) company.

To see all of Square apps, read oursSquare POS Review.

New square function: Buy now, pay later (bnpl)

From January 2022, Square online sellers can nowOffer bnpl paymentsBy integrating Square with Afterpay, which was taken over by Block, Inc. (parent company of Square).can adjust.

This includes the ability ::

  • Add customers seamlessly to your sales at the cash register
  • Adjust the element grid and the main menu
  • Create open tickets (both for retail as well as for restaurants)
  • Reimbursement payments to a gift card and more

When to use Payanywhere

A practical feature range offers that Square is not a mobile barcode scanning. Scan the barcode with your phone and it can pull up the product., To re -enact articles for a customer.

Otherwise, Payanywhere is good when it comes to stationary or mobile sales -but not at the level of the square. It does not offer a loyalty program, and most additional functions such as marketing require integrations of third -party providers.from payment connections and a virtual terminal.

New Payanywhere functions: Upgrade to Payanyther Payments Hub

Payanyther recently announcedThe start of updates for the payment hub (Merchant platform from Payanywhere) now contains the functions with which you:

  • Create a branded customer payment portal
  • Save the card of a customer in the file in the Virtual Terminal or Invoice function
  • Send detailed bills
  • Set E -Mail notifications for invoice tracking

Best for user -friendliness: square

Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (10)
Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (11)

Apple App Store Rating

4.3/5 based on 1.100 plusreviews

4.8/5 based on 341,000 plusreviews

Google Play Store evaluation

3.7/5 based on 400 °

4.8/5 based on 171,000 plusreviews

Telephone and support -e mail

Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time

Web sources

Knowledge base with leaders and video tutorials

Knowledge base with leaders, videos, articles and a seller -Community -Forum

The establishment and use of Payanyther and Square are just as easy, but if you achieve the reliability of every payment processor, you can break the undecided and give the Square. Only compares how intuitively every app is designed, and prefabricates.

Square is a well -known name for a certain reason

Square became a known name because the payment processing to the small sellers brought in without access to a dealer account - and made it ridiculously easy to accept credit card payments.

(Video) ITTV: 06-29-2012 (Square vs. PayAnywhere/TWITH)

The user experience (UX) is an essential part of an intuitive surface, and Square does it with its POS -App. You can create new articles for your inventory, apply a discount for sales and set up sales tax without having prior experience.

Square receives points for designing an app that is not only user -friendly, but also stable. I have never freezed or fell and always go through payments.

Payanyther is slightly furnished, but can be unreliable

Getting started with Payanywhere is simple enough. If you select the Pay plan, select the desired reader and fill out a form with your contact information. Then you can register and set up your profile and inventory.operate and contain a test drive function with which you can try out you before the behavior.

Since it applies to apps and payment processing software, the intuition is so subjective. But when comparing Payanyther with Square, it was not quite the intuitive brand. You can switch between a typical view and retail view, and it is not immediately obvious where they are inventoric(Payanyther with the name "Topics").

Although Payanywhere does it to accept the payment of credit cards for payment, it has some problems. The app often freezes, does not load photos and falls - and you have to kill the app and then restart it to use it again. This are the types of disorders you do not need if you try to accept a person's credit card and you could quickly lose a customer's trust.

Beste Hardware: Quadrat

Square and Payanyther offer similar hardware offers with mobile card readers for the phone, a handheld -mobile terminal and an independent terminal. The hardware prices are also a bit similar, but the software from Payanyther for the intelligent terminals are additional costs.

When to choose Payanywhere

Since our last update, Payanyther has removed its 2-in-1 mobile card reader, which you offer free of charge for new retailers. The 3-in-1 card reader is still available for $ 59.95 and is ideal for business owners who onePrefer more practical single device if you accept payments on the go. Payanywhere also offers a more ergonomic terminal that is easier to wear than the square terminal.

  • Square Mobile Card Readers
  • Quadratterminals
  • Payanywhere Mobile Card Readers
  • Payanywhere Smart Pos

Square Magstripe Card Reader

Square contactless and chip card reader

Square terminal

Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (12)
Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (13)
Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (14)

First free, additional 10 $ 10

$ 49

299 or 27 USD per month for 12 months

Available with Lightning or Audio socket input; accepted payments via magstripe (encountered)

Connects via Bluetooth; accepts payments via EMC (chip) or near -field communication (NFC) such as Apple Pay or Google Pay

All-in-one credit card machine with POS, card reader and receipt printer

New and improved square terminal:Square recently carried out upgrades to its Square terminal by providing this hardware with the Software Square Retail and Square Dates..

Square stand


Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (15)
Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (16)

$ 149 or $ 14 per month for 12 months

799 USD or $ 39 per month for 24 months

All-in-one credit card machine with POS for iPads and built-in card reader

Fully integrated POS system with a removable customer display; accepts chip cards and contactless payments

(Video) Compare Square to a Merchant Account! | Square vs Merchant Services Account | Square Processing

3-in-1 Bluetooth credit card reader


Smart keyboard

(Several models available)

Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (17)
Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (18)

$ 59.95

$ 249.95 to $ 449.95 plus $ 9.95 to $ 19.95 per month software fee

Connects via Bluetooth; accepts payments via EMC (chip) or NFC (Apple Pay, Google Pay)

All-in-one credit card reader with POS

Payanywhere Smart Flex

Payanywhere Smart Pos+

Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (19)
Payanywhere VS Square: Which payment solution is best? (20)

549.95 USD plus $ 49.95 furnishing fee and $ 19.95 per month software fee

949.95 USD plus 99.95 USD furnishing fee and $ 39.95 per month software fee

All-in-one credit card machine with POS, card reader and receipt printer

Fully integrated POS system with connected customer display, card reader and printer; accepts chip cards and contactless payments; only Android


In the Battle of Payanyther VS Square, you could go into both directions because the two payment processors are so similar and competitive. The free base pos apps of both companies are easy to use in their offers and almost the same.on functions, stability and user -friendliness.

It is an excellent payment processor and a free POS system for a single or small business owner.Create, register for free today.

Visit Square


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