Payanywhere VS Square 2023 | Compare payment solutions (2023)

Would you like to understand better whether Square or Payanyther is the right credit card reader for your company? Both providers are players in a market that is traditionally dominated by banks that offer card reader with long, inflexible contracts.

However, where they differ, however, are in their low prices, contracts and long -term obligations and the acceptance of payments of virtual wallets such as Apple Pay.Aso, which is suitable for your small company? Can you find out with our detailed comparison below.

  • Square:Overall cheaper than Payanyther and best for most small companies or occasional sellers and for those who want free online and business pools
  • Payanywhere:Best for small sellers who process less than $ 5,000 per month with an average transaction value of less than 20 USD

Payanywhere VS Square: Summary comparison

The following comparison table offers an overview of these two card readers from pricing to transaction fees and more:

Monthly fees$ 0$ 0
HardwareKostenFrom $ 0 for the Payanywhere reader up to 949 USFrom 0 US
Processing fees2.69% to 3.49% + 19 cents per transaction2.6% + 10 cents to 3.5% + 15 cents per transaction
Invoice fees3,49% + 19 Cent2.9% + 30 cents, 3.5% + 15 cents if they are processed with the file with a card, or 1% for oh bank transmissions
Average paymentFree financing the next day; financing on the same day for 1%Free 1-2 -day financing; immediate financing for 1.5%
Inactivity fee3.99 USD per month after 12 months of inactivity$ 0
POS functionsThe simple telephone app is free. The use of the POS hardware costs $ 39.95/monthBasic POS is free.
Contactless paymentAndAnd
Digital wallet acceptedGoogle Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung PayGoogle Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay
The integrationFew appsNumerous apps
Customer serviceLive chat, telephone and e -mail supportLive chat and telephone (Mon by Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific)
See the offerSee the offer

Now we will dive deep into the similarities between Payanyther and Square before examining the differences in depth.

Payanywhere and square similarities

Mobile payment connections

Both companies offer mobile devicesCredit card readerincluding the:

  • Square terminal
  • Payanywhere Smart Terminal

These two card terminals make it possible to collect card payments from customers in both business and on the way to a trade fair or event.

Note: Both Payanyther and Square offer mobile payment connections and therefore require a compatible device (mobile or tablet) to work. Square companies can also connect several terminals to a money drawer without additional software subscription costs.


The prices are also similar.Both offer a free mobile card reader when registering for the first time, and there are also processing fee similarities, with Payanywhere calculating 2.69% to 3.49% + 19 cents per transaction, while the square 2.6% + 10 cents to 3.5% +15 cents per transaction calculated.

Open a bank account

An account with Payanywhere and Square takes place in a similar way.

  • The registration process can be completed online in minutes
  • POS card reader is delivered within a few days
  • Terminals work with most bank accounts

Both Square and Payanywher's target group are smaller companies, including clothing transactions, cafes, boutiques, personal services, beauty salons and taxis.

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Payanywhere and square differences

Mobile app - square advantage

You can accept payments with a mobile reader and an Apple or Android device with the apps of Square and Payanyther, both of which are uncomplicated and easy to use. If you lose your connection, both apps have an offline mode in whichThe queues of transactions and a virtual terminal option with which you can enter a credit card, even if you cannot use a physical card.

With both apps you can also add tips, send invoices, accept NFC payments and create open tickets.

The reliability of the mobile apps seems to be the main difference. Users from Payanyther claim that the app is unreliable, drops off regularly or cards for no known reason. The reliability of Square does not seem to be a major problem and is known as reliable.

Pricing - square advantage

The processing fees are similar, but if you need more hardware than a simple card reader, the square is by far the cheaper option. The terminals are well looked at by users and are equipped with the software free of charge. Payanywhere calculates a subscription fee on its devices andHas an inactivity fee of $ 3.99 per month (after 12 months) if you set the app without canceling your subscription.

However, the processing costs of Payanywhere of 2.69% less than the offer from Square.payanywhere also moves customers to a three -year dealer account at North American Bancard, which has a completely different price structure if it has more than $ 100,000 per period of 12 monthsAnnual.

Square invites 2.6% plus 0.10 USD for all personal payments, which is a little more expensive than Payanyther, but the square is a bit cheaper for transactions that are over approximately 111. Square offers a virtual terminal for 3,5% plus 0.15 USD.

Square does not charge a monthly fee, unless $ 100,000 in a period of 12 months are transferred to the "Standard" plan, which contains further fees such as a "basic service for $ 12.95" per month.

Pos -Hardware - Drawing

Payanywhere and square each offer a free mobile reader and the option to update an intelligent terminal or a POS system..

When comparing the two brands, we mainly compared the two best -known terminals with both brands that offer different functions and services.

ForSquareHere are their main pos products:

TerminalSquare terminalSquare Tap and Chip Card ReaderSquare standQuadratregister
Terminal information5.5-inch screen that fits in handSimple card reader to accept chip cards and contactless at your counter or on the go.For 10.2 ”iPads, 10.5” iPad Airs and the iPad Pro 10.5 ”.Complete POS with 2 user -friendly displays & and integrated payments.
Monthly subscriptionFrom $ 0, $ 29 or more, depending on the tailor -made requirementsFrom $ 0, $ 29 or more, depending on the tailor -made requirementsFrom $ 0, $ 29 or more, depending on the tailor -made requirementsFrom $ 0, $ 29 or more, depending on the tailor -made requirements
Payment processingFees of 2.6% + 0.10 USD per transactionFees of 2.6% + 0.10 USD per transactionFees of 2.6% + 0.10 USD per transactionFees of 2.6% + 0.10 USD per transaction

While forPayanywhereHere are their main pos products:

TerminalPayanywhere Smart TerminalPayanywhere Smart TastaturSmart Pinpad ProPayanywhere Smart Flex
Terminal information5 ″ HD touchscreen, receipt printer and barcode scannerIntuitive Smart keyboard accepts all payment methods, including EBT- and PIN -DeBit.Ideal if you do not want a touchscreen.Sure: separate dealer and customer keyboard terminals.Hybrid terminal and point of sale with an 8 -CHD -HD touchscreen, 4.3 -inch customer display, receipt printer and barcode scanner.
Monthly subscription$ 9.95/MO software fee$ 9.95/MO software fee$ 19.95/MO software fee$ 19.95/MO software fee
Payment processing2.6% + 10 cents to 3.5% + 15 cents per transaction2.6% + 10 cents to 3.5% + 15 cents per transaction2.6% + 10 cents to 3.5% + 15 cents per transaction2.6% + 10 cents to 3.5% + 15 cents per transaction

The free mobile reader of Payanywhere connects via Bluetooth and enables the dealers to adopt climb and EMC payments (chip cards). The free reader from Square is a bit easier, inserts and can be used via their lightning connection or headphone socket, just to accept Magstripe payments.

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Optionally, you can accept an upgrade from magstripe, EMC and NFC (mobile payments) for $ 49.95 with Payanywhere or $ 49.00 if you accept yourself for the contactless and chip readerdecide by Square.

Both Payanyther and Square offer slim, multifunctional smart terminals and Smart POS systems. Depending on the model, you can select functions such as a customer-oriented display, a receipt printer and a barcode scanner in a portable package. Payanywhere offers more all-in-One-hardware systems as Square, but Square is compatible with more mobile devices.

In addition, Payanyther Hardware has a monthly fee and an installation fee, unless you only use the 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 mobile reader, while the Hardware from Square does not contain a monthly fee or installation fee.

Customer support - Square Advantage

PAYANYWERE offers customer support by phone, e -mail, knowledge base and live chat..

Although you have similar support channels, the quality of Square customer care is superior to Payanyther. This is based on numerous user ratings and symptoms.

Payanyther users often report generic answers to their technical problems, although the company seems to react to all symptoms.

User -friendliness - square advantage

The establishment and use of Payanyther and Square are just as easy, but if you achieve the reliability of every payment processor, you can break the undecided and give the Square. Only compares how intuitively every app is designed, and prefabricates.

Functions - square advantage

Both companies offer a variety of mobile phone functions, such as invoice, inventory and innovative mobile hardware, all with funds the next day and a free plan.

Overall, Square has a more extensive feature compared to Payanyther. In particular, the Square contains E -Commerce functions and numerous software integrations.

The functions of Square are often updated and continuously refined, including a free online shop on all accounts. Square is also compatible with numerous business software with which your Square Pos can be expanded.

Payanywhere VS Square: total conclusion?

According to an in-depth study of the two offers, we find that both square meters and Payanywhere offer a reliable and inexpensive alternative to traditional POS card readers.

In pricing, functions, customer support, user -friendliness, E -Commerce functions and customer reviews, and then Square wins this fight.

(Video) ITTV: 06-29-2012 (Square vs. PayAnywhere/TWITH)

The simple offer of Square without locking contracts, flat rate fees and intuitive setup makes this a winner for a small company.


What are Payanyther and Square?

Square and Payanyther are both credit card processing solutions for small companies and soloPreneurs. Departments can accept payments on their smartphone or tablet via a credit card reader.

What alternatives are there to do contractions and square meters?

Among theCard reader terminalsIn our comparison, we often recommend Klee or Sumup to take into account among the alternatives.

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