Mother of Pearl Vinyl Sheets | Pearl Wrap | vinyl (2023)

Pearlescent Vinyl Sheets

The Pearlescent Series vinyl wraps are a great way to give your vehicle or any other object that you prefer a pearlescent look. All foils in our Pearlescent Series have either a low gloss satin finish or a lustrous gloss finish with a muted iridescence similar to natural mother of pearl. This mother of pearl or polychrome base is then accentuated by the predominant hue of each of these different mother of pearl wraps. Best of all, our premium pearlescent wraps are made from multi-cast vinyl with pressure-sensitive, air-resistant adhesives, so you can achieve bubble-free results no matter how extreme the angles and turns of your ride.

What is pearlescent vinyl?

Simply put, pearlescent vinyl pigments are covered with mica flakes that provide both color and pleasing visual results for a ton of plastics, inks, and coatings. You get a reflective look that is transparent and reflects light due to the smooth surface of the vinyl. The light reflected from the platelets makes them appear brighter as the particle size changes. We also have some iridescent pearlescent pigments that look different depending on the angle you look at them.

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Properties of Pearlescent Vinyl

In addition to the mass and properties of metal oxide, pearlescent pigments have defined and changing properties that also determine their color.

Here are such properties:

  • pigment accumulation:The amount of pigment incorporated towards the base.
  • Film Transparency:The transmission of unblocked light passing through the vinyl.
  • platelet size:The size of the mica.
  • Platelet direction:The direction in which the mica particles are pointing.
  • Particle size distribution:A feature composition of coarse and fine particles that lead to PSD curvature.

Fantastic finishes designed for you

Why bother taking your car to a garage and have it painted when you can wrap it yourself.

Choose from available widths of - 12", 24" and 60". They are offered by the foot in rolls measuring up to 10 yards. This gives you the maximum length of material you need without spending more than necessary.

One of the coolest things about these wraps is that they include pressure sensitive adhesives when you press the material onto a surface. These adhesives have invisible channels that allow air to escape during application, removing any air bubbles that may form. All of this means you get professional-level results without the hassle of using adhesives or other chemicals. Be sure to check out oursinstallation Guideif you are new to the DIY packaging method!

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Rwraps™ Wraps Suggested Uses

You can use Rwrapsâ„¢ Pearlescent Wraps in almost any type of installation. They are designed for outdoor and indoor use. Here is an example of these popular customizations:

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Cover installations for pearlescent films

Pearlescent foils have a multitude of uses, but you can use them for the most universal reason; Breathe new life into your vehicle. Pearlescent film is typically used to cover the exterior of a vehicle, but it can also be used to dress up the interior. There is no limit to what it can be used for. Here is a list of some of the most common ways people use pearlescent vinyl wrap to create the ultimate customized look for their vehicle:

  • Body wrap:Fully covering a vehicle in the eye-catching pearlescent vinyl creates a unique look that will make you stand out on the road.
  • Spiegel:Usually a forgotten part of a car, your mirrors will help set you apart on the road with the right type of color you choose.
  • Dashboard:Rejuvenating your old and worn dashboard will make your car look brand new.
  • Interior layout:Beautifying the interior of your car or truck with the pearlescent film is a great and very popular option to add visual accents, be it on the consoles or doors.
  • Bumpers:No place is too small or insignificant and the bumpers are no different when it comes to breathing new life into your vehicle.
  • Hoods and cases:Vinyl is commonly used for custom graphics or decals that are applied to the exterior of your car.

What can you pack with pearlescent packaging films?

Whether you're thinking of a complete color change or just want to wrap your bonnet, trunk, fenders or mirrors, we have the right sized vinyl for you. Designed to fit over your factory finish and are removable so you can remove them without damaging the underlying finish.

But what else can you pack besides the exterior of your car or truck? Here's a look at some of the most popular wrap applications that our customers have brought to our attention over the past twenty years:

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  • Laptops
  • off-road vehicles
  • Furniture
  • cooler
  • Cycles
  • Golf cart
  • boats
  • motorcycles
  • refrigerators

Pearlescent Series Movie Specifications

Our mother of pearl series consists of four brands and dozens of sophisticated winding colors. Choose from 3M 2080 Series, Avery Dennison SW900, ORAFOL 970RA and Rwraps Pearlescent Vinyl Wraps. All these films have the following characteristics in common:

  • Multicast-Vinyl
  • Satin or high gloss finish
  • pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Invisible air outlet channels
  • Sold by the foot
  • Semi-permanent and removable

Other Uses for Pearlescent Vinyl

Pearlescent vinyl is an extremely adaptable product and using it is an amazing way to customize your furniture or other items:

  • Furniture:Matching smooth, hard surfaces like dryers, desks, washing machines, chairs, and dressers is a great idea. Maybe you want to beautify your mobile home, your apartment or your home. You may also want to cover damage and blemishes. Regardless of the reasoning, a mother of pearl vinyl set of custom furniture will reinvigorate your interior for all to see.
  • ArchitecturalAapplications:You can apply almost anything in your home, from pillars and beams to cabinet doors and backsplashes. Transform your gloomy basement into a royal retreat or transform your bathroom into a pristine bathroom.
  • Pearlescent Craft Projects:Pearlescent vinyl looks great on props, toys, costume wear and any other product you can think of. Get your creative juices goingBastel-Vinylinstallations! You can make signs for your home or a custom decal, whatever you decide, don't wait, get started today!

What Makes Pearlescent Vinyl Great

Pearlescent vinyl offers many advantages. This vinyl can reproduce the same shimmering patterns as pearls that make Pearlescent distinctive when applied to anything. Confers grandeur and status. It is a simple but popular material for vehicle owners and enthusiasts interested in the DIY hobby or commercial applications. Pearlescent vinyl is great for its:

1. Easy cleaning

The best thing about vinyl is that it is low maintenance, which makes it very easy to clean. With a washable gloss white pearlescent finish, the pearlescent vinyl will not fade or warp with washing. As long as you don't use non-abrasive products, you can clean this vinyl with just about anything. You can also use a damp cloth to clean your installed film. This durability makes films the ultimate choice for packaging furniture and vehicle interiors.

2. Low price

Vinyl is much more budget-friendly than paintwork and won't be ruined by simple scratches. Pearlescent vinyl has great value and reasonable durability. It's also easy to replace or if you fancy a different color it's easy to remove and install a different one.

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3. Great variety

Vinyl is easier to choose from when it comes to color, giving you options like Rwraps™ Pearlescent in a striking red, and you canBuy pearlescent vinylwith different luster and luster.

4. Durability

Pearlescent vinyl is made from a multi-layer material. These pearlescent sheets give you the stretch and conformability you need to use to wrap around every corner and into almost every crevice without losing their polychrome shine effect. With air channels in the adhesives, you can easily get bubble-free results. It has an expected end use life of approximately 5-7 years

5. Adaptability

When you are customizing an object like a ship or a small pedal boat, or dealing with other external parts that are constantly exposed to water, pearlescent vinyl can handle the water and make your boat look like a true luxury to sail. In places like the control room inside a boat, pearl effect vinyl turns heads when you have passengers.

6. Easy installation

As you've learned by now, this vinyl is extremely easy to apply thanks to its pressure sensitive air bleed technology. Getting the look of Pearlescent in almost any type of DIY project will open up a lot of possibilities for you. Choose Rwrapsâ„¢ Pearlescent for a simple, no-fuss application. You can also order a squeegee and application razor to get your project started.

How much pearlescent wrap do you need to wrap your ride?

A question we are constantly asked by our customers is how much vinyl they should buy to wrap their vehicle. In the video below, Justin Pate of the Wrap Institute shows us how to accurately calculate the amount of Pearlescent Series wrap film you need to wrap your car or truck. Better yet, he also shows you how to measure and prepare the vinyl wrap you purchased and cut into sections to wrap all surfaces of your vehicle. Watch the full video below, then keep scrolling for step-by-step instructions and tips to make your purchase and measurement painless and fun.


Share your results with us

After you've installed your pearlescent vinyl, send us pictures of your finished result so we might be featured on our Instagram and YouTube page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Someone will be in touch with you shortly. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for the latest information about our products.


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