Manchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (2023)


Restaurants and pubs in England will be offering a 50% discount as a way of encouraging visitors to eat at their restaurants.

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Manchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (2)
Manchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (3)

A number of prominent UK restaurant chains have already signed up to take part in the government's new 'Eat Out to Help' scheme which starts on 1 August.

TheEat out to helpthe scheme is part of Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak#PlanZaPoslove announced last week.

The scheme, which will run on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Monday 3 August to Monday 31 August 2020, will allow restaurants and pubs in England to offer 50% off up to a maximum of £10 per person as a way of encouraging visitors to eat at their establishments .

There is no limit to the number of times members of the public can use the offer during the scheme period, but customers cannot get a discount for someone who does not eat or drink.

Alcohol and service charges will also be excluded from the offer.


To support restaurants and the people who work in them, we say 'Eat out to help'.

So for the month of August we'll be giving you 50% off, up to £10 per person, on sit-down meals and soft drinks from Monday to Wednesday.#PlanZaPoslove

— Rishi Sunak (@RishiSunak)July 8, 2020

A number of popular restaurant, pub and fast food chains across the UK - many of which have branches in the Greater Manchester area - have already signed up to take part in the scheme.

Here's everything we know about the restaurants currently ready to participate:


All at least one- The owner of the restaurant and bar chain, which has locations on King Street in central Manchester and the Trafford Center, has confirmed its intention to participate in the scheme. This won't apply to alcoholic drinks of course, but if you just want something to eat or want a soft drink, you can get 50% off up to £10 per person.

Learn more atAll at least oneWeb pagehere.

Brown color– The same rules as above will apply at Brown's, which has a branch in central Manchester on York Street, meaning all food and soft drinks will be half price up to £10 per head, Monday to Wednesday in August.


Learn more atBrown colorWeb pagehere.

king of burgers– Alasdair Murdoch, chief executive of Burger King UK & Ireland, said the fast food chain would sign up for the scheme almost as soon as it was announced. Speaking on the BBC's CoronavirusNewscast podcast, he said: "We will certainly accept it, as long as we can understand the terms and conditions and work them out."

Learn more atking of burgersWeb pagehere.

Frankie & Benny's– An American-Italian chain of restaurants that he recently announcedpermanent closure of a number of branchesacross the country but still has outlets in Greater Manchester, has told the media it will be discounting 50% of its bills to £10 each in August.

Learn more atFrankie & Benny'sWeb pagehere.


combine harvester- Mitchells & Butlers, the company behind the Harvester restaurant chain - which has a number of branches across Greater Manchester - said it plans to register with the scheme in August.

Learn more on the Harvester websitehere.

Manchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (4)

Inherited- Fans of the ever-popular chicken restaurant chain, which has a host of outlets open in the city center and Manchester, will be able to get their peri-peri fix half price too in August as Nando's has confirmed it will sign up to the scheme.

Learn more atInheritedWeb pagehere.

Pizza Hut- Pizza Hut has confirmed it will be switching on and will have more than 100 restaurants open for customers to dine in within the UK within the next week.


Learn more atPizza HutWeb pagehere.

Prezzo- Italian restaurant chain Prezzo, which has sites in Greater Manchester in MediaCityUK and Bolton, has confirmed to the media that it plans to join the scheme in August.

Learn more atPrezzoWeb pagehere.

Toby Carvery– Another brand operated by Mitchells & Butlers, Toby Carvery – which announcednew operational plans for reopeningcustomers last month – will also be offering 50% off food up to £10 per head on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August.

Learn more atToby CarveryWeb pagehere.


Wagamama– The popular chain of Asian cuisine restaurants, with a number of outlets in Greater Manchester, will participate inEat out to helpscheme, and Rishi Sunak himself was even spotted helping to serve Wagamama's customers shortly after the announcement.

Learn more atWagamamaWeb pagehere.


Chester Zoo has shared an adorable video of baby penguins taking their first swimming lessonsEmily SergeantManchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (6)

Chester Zoo has shared an adorable video of their baby penguins taking their first swimming lessons, and it's the cutest thing we've seen all week.

But would you expect it to be anything less?

The video was shared by the UK's biggest charityZooon its social media platforms this week showing two Humboldt penguin chicks – who hatched earlier this year and have already naturally shed their shaggy gray baby feathers – embarking on a brand new adventure of swimming lessons with the zoo's 45-member colony of adults .

Understandably a bit nervous at first, the penguin chicks can be seen cautiously making a splash, before doing what comes naturally to them within minutes.

Guardians ofChester Zoothey say they are now "zooming through the waters at high speed".

Oh, we forgot to mention the best part—not only are the two girls up there with the cutest things we've ever seen, but they're named Ryan and Rob, named after none other than Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

In an attempt to "raise more awareness" of the iconic birds - which are native to the coasts of Chile and Peru and are known for their charismatic personalities and unique black and white markings - zookeepers have decided to pay tribute to one of their favorite local football clubs, and decided to name the duo Humboldt Penguin after the owners of Wrexham AFC.


Manchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (7)
Manchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (8)

"Each year our team enjoy choosing a different naming theme for the chicks to bring much-needed attention to the species," explained Zoe Sweetman – who is head of the penguins and parrots team at Chester Zoo.

"In the past we've had crisps, chocolates and fruit brands, but this year, as one of our penguin keepers is a huge Wrexham AFC fan, we've decided to do something a little different and name the two new males after Wrexham's Hollywood owners Ryan (Reynolds) and Roba (McElhenney).

"They're both so full of personality and charisma, so it seemed quite fitting."

Manchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (9)

Zoe also revealed that there is a "more serious message" behind the penguins' fun names.

"We hope we can help spread much-needed awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation," she added.

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  • Nine new endangered baby penguins have been born at Chester Zoo
  • Chester Zoo is looking for a new part-time Zookeeper and there are great benefits
  • A viral picture of two widower penguins comforting each other has won a photography award

"We want to inspire more people to take small, everyday steps in playing an active role in protecting the future of species like the Humboldt penguin."

Featured Image – Chester Zoo


Blackpool Pleasure Beach announces its famous 'Late Night Ride' is back next monthEmily SergeantManchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (11)

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has announced that its famous 'late night horse riding' event is returning next month.

If you don't feel quite ready to say goodbyesummerjust more, and I want to stick to that relaxed lifestyle for a little while longer, and thenLancashireThe coastal city's favorite theme park has just announced that it will be bringing back its ever-popular 'Late Night Ride' time next month for one Saturday only, with tickets on sale now.

By the way, we don't just call it 'late night riding' for nothing, it really is what it isBlackpool Pleasure Beachcalled the event in previous years.

This year it appears to have been renamed to "Thrills at dusk‘… we can't imagine why?

Manchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (12)
Manchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (13)

By the way, on Saturday 23.09Blackpool Pleasure Beachwill be open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., so thrill-seekers can enjoy their favorite rides under the twinkling lights of the city after the sun goes down.

"Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere as the park sparkles and glows in the dark," said Blackpool Pleasure Beach announcingan eventreturn.

While Blackpool Pleasure Beach is usually a great day out during the day anyway, Twilight Thrills gives you the chance to “brave your favorite rides in the dark” and experience the park like never before.

Manchester restaurants are offering 50% off food in August (14)

If you stay open until 9pm, you have even more hours to ride the UK's tallest rollercoaster, the Big One, into the night, see the ICON twists in the evening, enjoy the Grand National night race and ride the Big Dipper at dusk.

Tickets for Twilight Thrills on Saturday 23rd September are availableon the line, and will cost you £39 for over-12s and £33 for under-12s.

If you're actually looking for the return of 'Late Night Riding', then you'll have to wait until November for that, when the event returns on Saturday, November 4, and the night "ends with a bang" thanks to show-stopping fireworks that fill the sky until 10pm.

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  • A gay naturist hotel with a 24-hour alcohol license is opening in Blackpool
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach is selling off actual parts of the Big One for fans
  • Sophie Ellis-Bextor turns on this year's Blackpool Illuminations

Learn more about ithere.

Featured Image – Blackpool Pleasure Beach


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