How to stop Samsung TV from flashing green (2023)

Samsung is the world's most popular TV manufacturer, but its TVs are far from perfect. Many users are dealing with a green blinking Samsung TV. What does this error mean and how can you fix it?

If you are dealing with this error, we are here to help you. Read on to know the cause of this annoying problem. Stay tuned for our fixes as well as a brief FAQ section.

Samsung TV flashes green: causes and solutions

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Did you know that a blinking green light isn't always a problem?

The power light on your Samsung TV flashes several times when you turn it on. If your Samsung TV's green light is blinking, you've probably just booted up the TV.

As your TV boots up, the green light will flash repeatedly. The blinking light indicates the TV is still booting up.

As a result, you know you shouldn't do anything while the TV is booting up. The light should stop when the boot process is complete. This light helps communicate the TV's processes to the user.

However, there are cases when the light does not go out. You may also see your Samsung TV flashing green lines on the screen. Both problems have similar causes.

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Problems with the power management system

The most common cause of Samsung TV blinking green is the power management system. If your Samsung LED Smart TV is blinking green, this is where you should start troubleshooting.

Here are five of the best fixes to fix power management system issues.

Disconnect the TV motherboard from the power supply

When you are comfortable working in your TV, you can open the back. One of the most important components of your TV is the motherboard.

Disconnecting the power from the TV's motherboard may help fix some issues. This can force the motherboard to shut down and stop some software errors.

However, you will need to reconnect the motherboard and power supply. The motherboard is a critical component, so it will not work if there is no power flow to the board. Without a motherboard, your TV will have many other problems.

Replacing the power board

If you are having problems with your power supply board, you may find that the board is damaged. The circuit board may have been damaged or corroded during a power surge.

If you're using an older TV, the power board may be worn out. Regardless of the cause, you should consider replacing the power board.

It's a good idea to contact professionals or take the TV to a repair shop. Working with electronics is dangerous and you can easily damage your TV. Take the TV to professional technicians if you are unfamiliar with electronics.

Disconnecting the LED backlight

Your TV's LED backlight can cause problems with the screen or the power indicator. If you see green lights on the screen, there may be a problem with the backlight.

If you open the back panel of your TV, you should find your motherboard. Unplug the LED lights and plug them back in. This can eliminate faults with the LEDs.

Install new LED strips

You can access the backlight by opening the back of your TV. Unscrew the back cover and then remove the front case and LED panel. A bezel holds the backlight diffuser, which you must remove.

Here you can see the LEDs. You can identify which ones are buggy or have problems. Remove any faulty LEDs or strips.

Replace these LEDs with new, working strips. If you are not comfortable with this process, contact a technician. Samsung Customer Service can also dispatch a technician to assist you with this process.

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Disconnect all cables from the motherboard

If you're not sure which wires to unplug, unplug them all! Then plug them back into the correct ports. This process works like a full reset of your TV.

You should remember which wires go to which port. Reconnecting your motherboard cables incorrectly can cause serious problems. Your TV may not even turn on.

A good idea is to take a picture of the motherboard first. Note which cable goes where, and recreate the image when you plug the cables back in. This trick can ensure you don't forget which cable goes where.

Broken Samsung TV color wheel

On older models you may have a problem with the color wheel. If your Samsung CRT TV is flashing green, the color wheel is probably the problem. Here is the best fix for a broken color wheel.

Replace the TV color wheel

When the color wheel is broken, there is no quick fix. You need to replace the color wheel on your TV.

You can buy a color wheel online or from some retailers. It's worth contacting Samsung to see if they can offer a color wheel. If your TV is under warranty, they can probably help.

If you don't want to replace the component yourself, take your CRT TV to a local technician. Color wheels are delicate, so a DIY solution may not always fit.

Samsung TV firmware outdated

With more modern TVs, another possible problem is outdated firmware. Your TV is frequently updated and patched. These firmware updates ensure that your TV has the latest functionality.

However, the obsolescence of these updates causes problems. Your TV may have outdated software that is causing interference. These disruptions can manifest as flashing green lights.

Update the TV firmware

The best way to fix outdated firmware is to download the latest patch. On a Smart TV, look in the general settings.

Under "About" you should find a software or firmware option. You may also see an option that says "Check for updates". Choose this option.

Your TV will then check if there are any software updates that you need. If your TV is outdated, it should find an update.

If you don't have a TV with internet access, go to the Samsung website on your computer. Use a USB stick to download the latest update. Connect the USB stick to the USB port on your TV to install the downloaded update.

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Troubleshooting your Samsung TV

If you have a Samsung TV that flashes green, the problem is probably with your motherboard. Open the back of your TV and disconnect everything from the motherboard before reconnecting the cables. If you are not satisfied with the electronics of your TV, contact customer service.

Contact us for more information on how to fix problems with your Samsung TV! If you still have questions, stay tuned for a quick FAQ section.

frequently asked Questions

"But why does my TV screen keep flashing green?" With so much information surrounding these gadgets, the questions keep growing. Here are the three most frequently asked questions about televisions.

Why is my Samsung TV lamp blinking?

The flashing of the lamp indicates that the lamp is still warming up. This process may take a few seconds but shouldn't take longer than 20 seconds.

The older television gets, the longer this process takes. If you find that your TV is taking too long to warm up, consider replacing it. A long warm-up indicates that the TV is about to fail.

How do I fix the black screen of death on my Samsung TV?

The black screen of death indicates a serious software error. You can fix this problem with Power Cycling.

Unplug the TV from the power source and press and hold the power button for half a minute or a full minute. Then plug the TV back in and turn it back on. This process should fix the black screen.

Why is there a green light flashing on my TV?

The green light will flash to indicate the TV is still booting up. If the screen flashes green, there may be a problem with an internal component.

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