3 siding colors to consider for your home (2023)

3 siding colors to consider for your home (1)

Color trends come and go, which is why many homeowners wonder what exterior paint is best for their home. While some classic shades will keep your home looking stunning for years, others can look old after just a few years, so it's worth doing some research before deciding on a colour. Here are three exterior trim colors expected to be hot in 2019 and why they could be safe choices for years to come.

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1. Grau

Forget the beige tones that were all the rage a few years ago. Instead of brown colors with shades of pink, yellow or brown, greige has taken the home renovation realm by storm. A blend of taupe and gray tones, greige is interesting enough to create a stark contrast with white exterior trim and soft enough to create a neutral appearance.

In fact, greige is so sought after that it has even been shown to increase the value of your home. In fact, a study conducted by Zillow found that homes painted greige tended to sell 1.526 $ more than white painted houses. Although its appeal to Griege is still being studied, this exterior trim color is easier to keep clean and pairs well with a variety of roofing options, including black and brown asphalt clapboards.

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Additionally, greige is neutral enough to be easily painted over, making it easy for new homeowners to customize their homes however they choose. Rather than worrying about priming over dark brown siding, homes with greige exterior walls can be painted without much prep work, saving people time, money, and frustration.

If you're thinking about refreshing your home with gray siding, remember that there are multiple undertones and hues to choose from. Whether you're looking for a lighter, warm greige or a dark, cool version, you can find the perfect shade for your home by speaking to a siding contractor.

2. White and Black

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While gray homes can sell for more than their white counterparts, today's white home is a far cry from the versions created yesterday. Rather than simply adding white siding to a home with other accents, many homeowners create monochromatic homes by using all-white siding and guttering while contrasting with black windows, front doors, lighting, and even roofing materials.

In addition to creating a crisp, clean looking home, white siding has been shown to reflect the sun's rays and help keep the home's internal temperatures more stable. For example, since dark colors absorb as much as 70 % bis 90 % Of heat-generating UV light, painting your home white can help reflect that sunlight and keep your space cooler during hot summers.

White houses with black accents also look great with landscaping, helping to burst with green plants and carefully designed flower gardens. White has also been shown to create a sense of serenity and peace, helping potential visitors and home buyers feel safe and sane while sitting in your seat.

3. Marine

If you're craving a little color, consider navy blue. Because blue is not a common color found in nature, navy blue homes tend to create a lot of visual interest. Navy blue also pairs well with other accent colors, including black, brown, and white.


In addition, navy easily hides dust, dirt and water stains, helping your home look cleaner from the street. If you choose a navy tone, try to stay away from extremely dark shades that might gain more warmth. Also, ditch lighter shades that could make your home look like it belongs in a child's room.

Knowing where to start with an exterior renovation can be difficult, so let us help. Here at Neville's Inc, we select the highest quality products because we take customer satisfaction seriously. We help our customers not only with the replacement of gutters, paneling and awnings, but also with windows, doors and all-season rooms. Call us today to request a quote.

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